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Savage Lands
Clare Clark
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The Gargoyle. A Novel

The Gargoyle - Andrew Davidson Now i must admit that reading the blurb for this book i was a little put off and i probably wouldn't have picked it up and bought it full price in a shop. However, having read it i can't recommend it highly enough, it really was amazing especially since it's a first novel.Firstly i have to say i really liked the little stories told throughout the book, they were like little short stories within the larger book. Every time we started a new short story i settled down and knew i was going to enjoy it as a story on its own and as part of the larger book. Some of the stories made me cry and some of them made me a little angry, but not one would i have missed.I have to say i didn't really appreciate the latter section of the book when we went through a Dante-esque moment, i felt this was highly contrived. However, i got through it and made it to the end of the book, which was very poignant as would be expected by anyone reading the rest of the book.Anyway, i really loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone else, in fact i might very well loan it to my neighbour.

Seven Up

Seven Up  - Janet Evanovich By now we all know Janet Evanovich for her highly entertaining series about Steph anie Plum bond enforcement agent and this happens to be number seven in this mighty series of thirteen (and counting). I started reading this series at the prompting of one of my close friends and now i'm addicted and i can't wait for each new installment. They are all very similar but not in a boring way, it's more along the lines of wearing a comfy jumper but it's a book instead! This particular book opens when Steph anie has been given the case of capturing Eddie DeChooch (i also love all the names in these books) who is an aging (disgracefully) mobster who has recently been dating Steph anie's also aging (disgracefully) grandmother. It follows the usual formular whereby Steph anie, often accompanied by either Bob the dog or Lula the ex 'ho tries to track down the felon while trying not to get herself killed. The usual cast of charaters turn up, including Steph anie's Grandmother, her long suffering mother & father (some of whose lines had me laughing out loud), and many of the other locals who live in The Burg. There are lots more scenes involving Morelli in this book after the proposal in Hot Six which will be a blessing to some readers following the Morelli/Ranger storyline in previous books, we even get a wedding date (or do we). The action as usual is very fast paced, you find yourself reading large chunks of this book because you're unable to put it down, even to make a cup of tea! It's also highly surreal with many hilarious scenes occurring in the local funeral parlour. I'm happy to say this is another great novel by Janet Evanovich, and i highly recommend you read the entire series, although be warned, we're up to number thirteen and Evanovich doesn't look like stopping any time soon!

No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith A very quick book to read, very enjoyable but i wouldn't necessarily call it a mystery or crime book. There are crimes committed and mysteries solved but really what we're reading about is how people live in this particular county at this particular time. None the less it reads very well, perfect poolside reading i would say and i'm looking forward to the next installment.