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Blood Bound
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White Witch, Black Curse
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A Most Improper Magick
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Savage Lands
Clare Clark
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Men I've Loved Before
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Mouse Guard: Black Axe

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe - David Petersen I really enjoyed this tale of daring mouse adventure. The characters were so intricately drawn both literally and through the words they spoke. I loved the whole world they lived in with their abilities to talk to birds, insects, and other mammals. The images within this book are so beautiful drawn with interesting little details here and there, you get both stark black and white line drawings, and lovely colourful images as well. All of which really brings the story alive, at times i even forgot about the written story, i was so absorbed by the images. Even the font the writing is in adds to the images.I would love to read the others in the series so i have a better understanding of the story as a whole.