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Sugarplums and Scandal
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Blood Bound
Patricia Briggs
Bad Science
Ben Goldacre
White Witch, Black Curse
Kim Harrison
A Most Improper Magick
Stephanie Burgis
Savage Lands
Clare Clark
Savage Lands
Clare Clark
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Men I've Loved Before
Adele Parks

A Night to Remember

A night to remember - Walter Lord An odd book, it was very well written, full of interesting historical facts, but at the same time it still tells of the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. Basically it shows the arrogance of man believing that something we created could not be destroyed by nature. That combined with dozens of mistakes and a lot of bad luck created one of the worlds greatest disasters. Luckily we learnt at least a little from this, nothing is unsinkable or unbreakable, and always prepare for the worst.